What we are
SnackReads is an online publication service of Southwest Cyberport, issuing entertaining short works by authors both established and brand-new in ebook form. SnackWrites publishes online articles and podcasts on writing topics, and offers writing exercises and forums for new writers, with exercises generously created by the established pros.

While SnackReads charges small fees for its ebooks (with corresponding royalties for the authors), SnackWrites is completely free. Membership, however, is required by the latter to participate in the forums. While it is hoped that stories produced by SnackWrites participants may be published eventually by SnackReads, that is not the purpose of the site.

SnackWrites hopes to help new writes learn the basics of storytelling. We are not concerned with the mechanics or details of publication process, or anything, in fact, beyond improving writing skills. Our ultimate goal is to aid authors’ development in producing quality fiction that sells, whether here or elsewhere. However, no promises or guarantees of salability or purchasing stories is made or implied by participation.

How we operate
For purchasing SnackReads stories, we have our own onsite bookstore, and have begun making titles available on Amazon.

SnackWrites, as mentioned above, is entirely free. Forum members are required to use their own or pen-names on the site. No anonymous posting or even lurking in the Forums is permitted. Members are expected to behave like rational adults, and to that end, a minimal amount of moderation will be employed. Continued bad behavior will result in the member being banned from the site.

Our initial plan is that SnackWrites will offer one writing exercise per month on the topic of the contributor’s choice. During the month, articles and podcasts on writing will also be published. At the end of the month, the topic will be closed.

All material in both sites are owned by their creators and may not be used without their permission.

These policies may be changed without prior notice as developments warrant.
Please contact customerservice@snackreads.com for further information or to make suggestions.