The Forums are the behind-the-scenes meeting place where the action takes place. SnackWrites postings are basically tips and exercises by successful writers to help improve mastery of the basics of storytelling. But it’s here in the Forums that results are shared and evaluated. Posts on the site  everyone can read, but comments are not enabled for them. That is the purpose of the Forums. However, the SnackWrites Forums are for site members only — no lurkers allowed.

We’re not babysitting trolls here and will not tolerate disruption or rude behavior. SnackWrites is for inexperienced authors who are sincerely excited by the prospect of learning from some of the best writers around to improve their own skills and get their feet in the door.

If you want to participate, interact with the authors, and share the results of your efforts, you have to become a member. Membership is free, but anonymous postings are not allowed. Writers, particularly when interacting with their peers, should be willing to stand behind their words. Therefore, members own their work. When the exercise for which pieces have been submitted is completed, the topic will be closed and the authors can do whatever they want with their own pieces.

Commenters are expected to behave like civil adults, but to make sure it stays that way, all comments will be held for moderation. The Forums are moderated by Jay Nelson, and others may be added.

Please note that this whole site is a work in progress. Features may be changed and added as it develops. Helpful criticism and suggestions for improvements are welcome and should be emailed to

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