Ursula Kroeber Le Guin left the planet on January 22, and Earth is a poorer place because of it. But fortunately for us, she left a tremendous body of work behind.

She was a bright, articulate writer who wrote great sf and fantasy. Among a huge number of awards and honors, Le Guin won 6 Hugo awards as well as an equal number of Nebula awards from SFWA and was named a Grand Master by them (the second woman to be so honored) in 2003. Her novel, The Left Hand of Darkness, often still cited as one of the greatest works of science fiction and a genuine genre-changer, won both the Hugo and the Nebula in 1969.

Her work extended beyond print. Her novel, Lathe of Heaven, was made into a TV movie, Earthsea into a mini-series and she also wrote The Starlost TV series premiere.  And as a passionate writer, Le Guin wrote a huge number of essays about the craft she loved along with reviews, and gave numerous interviews.

There have been many tributes written in her honor this week, and doubtless more to come. Here is just a small sample of the wealth of resources she left us: