SnackWrites Panel, Bubonicon 2017. Danielle Pollak, Jane Lindskold, M. T. Reiten, Robert Vardeman

SnackWrites are writing exercises that can be done in fifteen minutes or less. Each exercise has a forum topic where you can submit your work, and comment on others. You must register to be able to view the forums. Registration widget is in the sidebar. Link to forum topic for this exercise is at the bottom of the exercise.

Time to demystify the process of coming up with ideas for stories.

As an exercise, pick an object or person in your immediate environment. Don’t give yourself time to look for something cool, just pick something. Then write the first sentence of as many stories as you can think of, inspired by that object. Do as many as you can in fifteen minutes or less. Your results might range from merely cliche to ug, or you might do better than me. Either way I think it helps chip away at that idea that you are waiting from some great idea to strike. And its a fun game.

Examples: Object is the charging cable for an outdated MP3 player.

She had not been sure that the charging cable would be strong enough to strangle someone, but you had to give it to Tech, they believed in craftsmanship.

The MP3 player charging cable was the most mundane time bomb in the apartment, detonating the memory of the night they met at the bus stop, bringing him to his knees.

She had handed him the thin, white charging cable to tie her hands with, but all her fingers going numb was not sexy.