Howard Phillips Lovecraft, born August 20, 1879, is possibly better known today than he was in his heyday, certainly much more beloved. After all, not many writers have genres named after them, and yet, 80 years after his death, “Lovecraftian horror” is still going strong. This, despite – or maybe because of – his own stylistic strangeness, with its stilted, elaborate descriptions, festooned with obscure and disturbing adjectives through which his deep cosmic and social repugnance shone through.

The elaborate Cthulhu Mythos that he created as the main vehicle for these dark imaginings has been taken over by countless other writers and fans. It has been extended, plagiarized, riffed upon, and even parodied. Seemingly-serious versions of his invented accursed grimoire, The Necronomicon, have been produced, and some darkly claim that it has deep occult roots. (Some versions come with their own warning.) While movies and TV have been yet unable to do justice to the cosmic scale and existential horror of his vision, its not due to lack of trying.

Here are some links, but be careful lest you succumb to the gibbering horror of unspeakable madness. (His use of language is catchier than you might think! : ) )