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This is TV stuff

-Daniel Abraham, one-half of the writing team under the pseudonym James SA Corey, discusses The Expanse series and the Syfy show based off of these novels


Naren Shankar, Executive Producer/Showrunner of The Expanse, talks about getting it wrong, GUEST POST: Losing Science in Drama (and Finding Drama in Science)

Mapping the Fairy-Tale Heroine’s Journey, Theodora Goss

Red as Blood and White as Bone, Theodora Goss, suggest reading this story in conjucntion with  “Mapping the Fairy-Tale Heroin’es Journey”

It’s Time to Give Female Monsters a Voice, Theodora Goss


Hooking a Reader, Jane Lindskold

MIND MELD: What’s The Best Writing Advice You Ever Received?, an oldie but goodie from the much missed