This interview took place in 2013.

I had the great privilege of speaking to Joan Saberhagen. We talked about the work and life of her late husband, Fred Saberhagen. We talked about the origins of the Berserkers, Fred’s motivations for writing, ups and downs of the writing life, and Joan’s experience of becoming a publisher. Joan is a smart, articulate person and it is worth listening to what she has to say. I had a great time chatting with her. The interview is in 3 parts, approximately 15 minutes each. Below is Part 1. You can find all three at the YouTube channel, Big thanks to Kurt Boucher, our video editor extraordinaire.

SnackReads recently reprinted Fred Saberhagen’s story, “Mr. Jester.” It is a Berserker comedy. Enough said.

Thanks to my friend, Matt Dick, for hunting up this link about Berserker Works.

P.S. Did you know, Joan is herself a novelist?