Today SnackReads relaunches as SnackReads/SnackWrites. Four years ago SnackReads began a mission of publishing fast, fun  ebooks. In those four years we have published super stories by great writers. I could not be more proud of our catalog. Now we grow our mission. In addition to publishing great fiction, we will strive to help writers improve at their craft. The core of this effort will be a series of writing exercises that can be done anywhere, in short periods of time. These exercises are provided by professional writers, in other words, people who know what they are doing. Join the forums and you can share your work, get feedback from other participants, and occasionally maybe even from a Pro.

Along with these exercise, we will publish articles on the craft of writing, and present interviews with writers. At SnackLabs we are mulling over all sorts of ideas about how we can be a resource for those wanting to improve their craft.

What we will not be doing much of with SnackWrites is talking about publication. There are great resources for learning the business of writing. That is not our focus.

At the same time, we continue to publish fiction with SnackReads. All this goodness is still anchored at the URL. Try an exercise, have fun, tell your friends!