Growing up reading science fiction (and loving it), I voraciously read the stories about heroes saving the galaxy, getting the girl, and generally kicking the bad guys across the universe.

But that was when I was twelve.

Reading science fiction now, I have been discovering new and vibrant voices, people my age who are writing about strong female characters, people of many cultures, places and races.

But I wish I had read Suzy Charnas’ work when I was twelve instead of those fluffy space operas.

Suzy is heralded as a proponent of female characters in science fiction and fantasy. She writes female characters with verve and determination, building them as real people within their worlds, who move and act and think not only as characters, but as women of the future. Her women are self-determined and driven; they show through example the strengths people can have when working together or working alone.

When I wrote “Cargo,” I wanted to explore what it would be like to be on the fringes of society, someone who doesn’t fit because of how society treats people like her. How would she cope? What choices would she have to make?

I would have liked to have read Suzy’s “Scorched Supper on New Niger” when I was a twelve. I could have used the role model, and the knowledge that there was a place for strong women in the future, women like I wanted to grow up to be. I loved reading it now and I hope you will too.

– Vivian Trask

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