“No, not the …!” #4

Despite the chill of the cave, Frank sweated under his wet suit, adding to the clammy discomfort of that underground night. At least this part of the cavern was high enough for them to stand. His calves and lower back ached from bending and crouching under the rough ceiling. He shifted weight from one foot to another. How long was the Professor going to examine the band of slime on the floor? What did she think it was?

“I’m afraid it is.”

Frank shivered. “Is what?”

“I don’t understand how they got here from Boggy Swamp,” said the Professor.

Boggy Swamp. Frank’s chest constricted, making it hard to breath. Stories flashed through his brain, of being slowly digested alive, paralyzed by a neurotoxin, the lucky ones smothered when one of the slimy beasts slithered onto their faces.

“No, not the Giant Carnivorous Snails of Boggy Swamp!” It was then that a drop of slime dripped on him from above.

Fun is better!

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