“No, not the …!” #3

The old woman leaned in so close that the smell of moth balls overwhelmed Marla, making her eyes water. Dry lips brushed her ear.

“Are you ready to do as instructed?”

Knowing she was not going to pull free from the ropes that bound her wrists to the chair, Marla yanked her arms nevertheless, as a sign of defiance. To boost her own courage.

“Never, you wasted leather puppet.”

The woman scuttled away from her into the shadows and returned with a clear, plexiglass box.

“Oh, you will perform the tasks assigned you, or you will lose the opportunity to ever do your own deeds. Your hopes and dreams so much dust, like dandruff on the shoulder.” She thrust the box in Marla’s face.

“No, not the Time Flies!”

Fun is better.

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