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SnackReads Presents publishes fun, quick reads at impulse buy prices.  If you are like me, you do not always feel like starting a four hundred page novel, or a multi-book series.  When I can can steal a few minutes after the kid is in bed and the dishes are done, I want to read something that is going to entertain me without upsetting me, and that I can finish in a few sittings.  Inexpensive is good, too.

When you want that reading experience, where do you go to find it?  There is a place for that now, snackreads.com.  That is the reading experience we provide.  You can browse by traditional genre, like Science Fiction, Fantasy or Mystery.  Or try custom SnackReads categories such as Popcorn, Dark Chocolate and Crunchy.  Popcorn means almost no thinking or emotional investment required.  Dark Chocolate is for you if you want a little bitter with your sweet, and edge to your laughter, but still want to come out the other side with a smile on your face.  Crunchy means you have to user your brain to get the full benefit of the story, but don’t worry, it is fun and awesome and good sport.

We want to bring you bucketloads of fun.  We want snackreads.com to be the place you know you can find it.  And we want to make a little cash, for the writers who make it all happen, and for ourselves.  So have a look at the catalog.  Read a sample.   Treat yourself.  You deserve it, and so do we.

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